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Welcome to the Institute for Global Health and Epidemiology. The institute was established within the Department of Public Health at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work of the Trnava University and its primary objective is research and education in the field of global health and epidemiology. The institute brings together professionals from the field of public health, epidemiology and other related disciplines and creates a platform for implementation of modern epidemiological aproaches and methods in research and education.

Modern aproach in population based epidemiology

One of the key fields of interest of the IGHE is the use of modern and innovative epidemiological indicators and metrics in the study of distribution and impact of diseases and risk factors. The goal of this aproach is to bring along more precise and more valid epidemiological data which will allow for identification of high risk populations in the context of various diseases and creates ground for more effective prevention and mitigation. 

Strong roots

The institute was established at the Faculty of Health Sciences and Social Work of the Trnava University as a result of a long tradition of research activities and education in the field of public health. The IGHE aims to further establish the faculty as one of the leaders in this field in Slovakia and internationally and to share and communicate state-of-the-art knowledge to professionals as well as to general public.


Cooperation with both, Slovakian and international partners is an important pillar of the IGHE. Members of the institute have long term experience with education, research and practice in the field. Their experiences from working in international research consortia along with their professional networks of experts in the field of public health, global health and epidemiology bring together a very strong international expertise. 



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