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Department of Public Health of the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work of Trnava University (FZaSP TU) provides mainly one-branch study aimed at various areas of public health. At the same time, it participates in the teaching of other fields of study at the FZaSP TU and at other educational facilities in the Slovak Republic and abroad as well.

Department of Public Health focuses in its educational and research activities on these areas:

  • Health systems and its management,
  • Epidemiology of infectious and non-infectious diseases, practical epidemiology,
  • Environmental health,
  • Health at work,
  • Health education,
  • Health promotion, diseases prevention, project planning,
  • Injuries prevention, quality of patient health care after injury,
  • Biostatistics and informatics in public health.

Teaching is comprised of lectures, practical exercises, workshops, seminars, participation in research and professional experience in health care facilities, public health offices, research institutions at university workplaces in Slovakia and abroad. To support the teaching, a combined form with fully employed teaching via the Internet is used. The study is finished with the writing and defence of the bachelor´s or master´s thesis and performing the state final examinations.

Research is most often done in multidisciplinary groups consisting of both our and foreign scientists. The publication activities are aimed at domestic and foreign periodicals and conferences.

The professional activity is mainly oriented on the programmes of the European Union and also on improving the health of disadvantaged, marginalized groups and ethnic groups.