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Department of laboratory medicine

This department provides study in the field of Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care. Graduates of this study programme can independently perform assigned tasks in the departments of laboratory medicine (clinical biochemistry, haematology, transfusiology, microbiology, immunology, genetics, toxicology, pathological anatomy, clinical pharmacology, functional diagnostics as well as in related diagnostic fields such as forensic laboratories and the like). As further education, the department provides and implements rigorous procedures and doctoral studies in the field of Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care.

The laboratories of the FZSP in the main building of the TU and the laboratories in the Adalbertinum building enable practical courses of this department. This workplace was modernised and equipped with modern diagnostic tools with the help of Europroject from 2010 entitled: Completion of Trnava University Infrastructure Modernisation to Improve the Study Conditions. Simultaneously, the laboratories carry out also research concerning diploma theses and other scientific and research projects in cooperation with research centres of Slovak Academy of Sciences (SAS), other universities and diagnostic laboratories throughout Slovakia. In 2017, a new pavilion of clinical and laboratory disciplines of the FZaSP at the TU was opened, to which belongs a microbiological and microscopic laboratory, where will be held courses of such subjects as biology, histology, genetics and microbiology. Another working place is a new Research Centre of Microbiology, Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention, which is with its specialization a unique workplace in Slovakia. This centre will carry out applied research aimed directly at requirements of professional experience in the field of hospital hygiene, hospital infections prevention and especially resistance to antibiotics with a focus on the development of new methods to combat antibiotic resistance, implementation of standard procedures for prevention and infection control into practice and their further evaluation.

The Laboratories of FZSP work towards unceasing modernization and innovation. The innovation of these FZaSP TU laboratories assumes the provision of this workplace with new technological modern devices, which will enable them to carry out a research that will be able to compete the researches carried out at the European and world level. The purpose of the projects is to aim at the development of detection analyses of laboratory medicine research, which focused on current issues in the health sphere, from  infectious to genetic disorders through to chronic diseases. The implementation of these projects also enables us to broaden the scope for development of international cooperation with world´s best scientists and the possibility of attracting foreign doctoral students to our workplace in order to realize research issues with which are dealing and are going to deal the current research capacities working at our institution. Together with it are strengthened the conditions for applying for research projects that could be realized thanks to the provision of modern laboratory equipment within the Horizon 2020 challenges in the field of basic or applied research. The work of our collaborators with these high-quality devices will enable the competitiveness and possibility of establishing cooperation on international projects in the sphere of health science.

The scientific direction of this department is based on the professional focus of individual employees and the nature of the workplace. Active research activity is documented in Slovak and foreign periodicals, but also in the presentation of research results at national and international conferences.


Teaching bases of Department of Laboratory Testing Methods in Health Care

Pathology  and Anatomy Ward of the University Hospital Trnava belongs to the joint testing and diagnostic units of the hospital. Pathology represents a specialised discipline dealing with all aspects of the disease. It necessarily adverts to the nature of the disease, the cause and occurrence of an abnormal state and also to changes in structure and function, which result from the pathological process. The role of this field is diagnostic activity based on histomorphological evaluation of changes in organs, tissues and cells. In cooperation with other fields of medicine, its activity is focused on diagnosis, its stadium, medical treatment and prognosis of the disease.

Heamatology Ward of University Hospital Trnava is divided into a laboratory department, an outpatient department and a blood bank. The laboratory department performs basic and special haematological and haemocoagulant tests, cell-mediated immunity tests and the immunohematological testings.

The blood bank is comprised of blood storage and immunohematological laboratory. In the blood store is realized a purchase of blood, storage and dispatching of blood transfusion medications to particular wards and clinics, it records and ensures the dealing with transfusion responses. In the immunohematological laboratory is realized the blood group test, anti-erythrocyte antibody screening and pre-transfusion testing, where students can see the complete transfusiological testings.

Piešťany Laboratories Ltd. performs diagnostic activity and consultancy in the sphere of clinical microbiology, immunology and allergology, clinical biochemistry and clinical haematology. The laboratories are accredited in accordance with ISO 15189:2012 standards, so the students participating in practice can see the quality management system in practice.

The National Reference Centre for Tropical Diseases is a specialised facility of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic with the scope of activity for the Slovak Republic, in charge of St. Elisabeth University of Health Care and Social Work, serving as a teaching base for bachelor´s and master´s degree students, whose final thesis is focused on research and diagnostics in the field of tropical medicine. At the same time, it serves as a complementing research facility in the field of antibiotic resistance testing and its transferability. The laboratory diagnostics pays attention to the methodology of phenotypic testing of transferable resistance to antibiotics.

AnalytX, Ltd. is a non-state medical facility that runs the Department of the Laboratory Medicine in the following fields: clinical biochemistry, clinical microbiology, clinical immunology and allergology and clinical haematology. The company AnalytX Ltd. is accredited according to ISO 15189:2012 standards. In each of the departments are working experts – doctors, highly educated staff and medical laboratory technicians qualified in the relevant field. The medical laboratory technicians professionally process the samples of biological material, then the doctors and highly-educated workers evaluate it expertly and, if needed, they provide consultations to the doctor in charge.

Alpha medical, Ltd. provides via network more than 40 laboratories throughout the Slovak Republic in the fields of clinical biochemistry, haematology and transfusiology, clinical immunology and allergology, clinical microbiology, medical genetics and pathological anatomy. Laboratories Alpha medical, Ltd. in Ružomberok are accredited according to the international quality standards for medical laboratories EN ISO 15:189.

Medirex, Inc., represents a complex of diagnostics laboratories in the fields of clinical biochemistry, haematology, clinical immunology, toxicology, medical genetics, bacteriology, mycology, parasitology, serology, virology, molecular biology and microbiology of the environment. It provides complex laboratory diagnostics for the most important medical facilities in Bratislava, Košice and their surroundings, for a large number of health centres and medical facilities and as well as for a lot of general and specialized outpatient clinics. Medirex operates the technologically most modern and largest central laboratories not only in the Slovak Republic but also in Central Europe and also a network of hospital and clinic diagnostics laboratories. Besides the world-class automated analysers, it has at disposal also a fully automated robotic system for sample analysis, employs top Slovak experts, who led a number of erudite workers and so they are ensuring high quality and professional evaluation of results.